How to use Body Mist? What is the difference between Body Mist & Perfume

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What is Body Mist?

Body Mist is a very light perfume, and the most basic deodorant spray. It neutralizes the thin sweat and oil naturally secreted by the skin. It replaces the embarrassment of antiperspirant creams that tend to leave white marks on dark clothes, and can be used at any time. Tonic allows you to “ripple” in the faint fragrance, so it quickly became popular in European and American workplace environments that rely heavily on indoor air conditioning and are in a closed state.

What is Perfume?

Perfume can be categorized by fragrance concentrations into Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC, Eau fraîche(Body Mist)

Parfum: 15%-40% Aromatic Compounds/fragrance, typically around 20% according to the IFRA(International Fragrance Association.

EDP: Eau de parfum, 10%-20% Aromatic Compounds/fragrance, typically around 15%.

EDT: Eau de toilette, 5%-15% Aromatic Compounds/fragrance, typically around 10%.

EDC: Eau de cologne, 10%-20% Aromatic Compounds/fragrance, typically around 15%.

Eau Fraîche: 3% or less Aromatic compounds, often called “splashes” or “mist”

Therefore, we can learn that Body Mist is a type of perfume, and it is very light perfume with least aromatic in the juice.

Features of body spray

Shortest lasting time. Due to the lowest percentage aromatic compounds and alcohol, the body mist has shortest lasting time compare to the other types of perfume.

Notes. Body mist has top, middle and base notes as same as other types of perfume, but the smell is very light.

Hydrating and moisturizing effects. Body mist can keep skin hydrated.

Hydrating and moisturizing effects.

More and cheaper. Body mist is 250ml typically, and is relatively cheaper than other types of perfume.

More and cheaper

How to use body mist?

After Shower. The Best way to use body mist is after shower, directly apply on the skin. The skin can absorb the aroma and make you spread the fragrance, other people will think that it is from your body organically.

After Shower

Body Spray. The best results are found on body parts such as the neck, armpits, elbows and inner knees

Apply on skin

Alert! Do not apply body mist on the wound, avoid Irritation of spices on wounds.


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