Grand Opening of Cutting-Edge Intelligence Workshop Revolutionizes Perfume Production

Yesterday (July 1, 2024) marked a momentous occasion in the world of fragrance production as we proudly launched our state-of-the-art Intelligence Workshop. This groundbreaking facility, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence, is poised to redefine the standards of perfume manufacturing. With a total investment of 10 million RMB, the Intelligence Workshop represents a significant leap forward in our capabilities and technological prowess.

Unprecedented Production Capacity

The Intelligence Workshop is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the global perfume market. Boasting the capability to produce an astonishing 1 million bottles of perfume, this facility ensures we can cater to high-volume orders with unmatched efficiency. This substantial production capacity not only solidifies our position as a leader in the industry but also guarantees that we can consistently deliver on time, regardless of order size.

perfume configuration buckets
Intelligence Workshop

Advanced Perfume Configuration

Central to the Intelligence Workshop’s capabilities are the 168 perfume configuration buckets. This advanced system allows for the precise blending and formulation of a wide variety of scents, ensuring each perfume meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Whether creating a new signature fragrance or replicating a beloved classic, our configuration system delivers unparalleled accuracy.

168 perfume configuration buckets.
configuration system

Optimal Storage Conditions

Maintaining the integrity of our fragrances is paramount, and the constant temperature storage flavor warehouse is a critical component in achieving this goal. This sophisticated storage solution ensures that all ingredients and finished products are kept at optimal conditions, preserving their quality and extending their shelf life. By controlling temperature fluctuations, we can guarantee that each bottle of perfume retains its intended aroma and efficacy.

Full Computer Control

At the heart of the Intelligence Workshop is a full computer control system that oversees every aspect of production. From blending and aging to packaging and quality assurance, this comprehensive control system ensures precision at every stage. The ability to set the aging time of each perfume in advance is particularly noteworthy, as it allows for meticulous maturation, enhancing the depth and complexity of our fragrances.

computer control system
activated carbon filter

Innovative Freezing and Transportation

One of the standout features of the Intelligence Workshop is the advanced freezing treatment process. After undergoing freezing treatment in specialized freezers, perfumes are transported directly to each barrel through a network of pipelines. This seamless and efficient method minimizes contamination risk and preserves the quality of the perfume throughout the production process.

Purity and Quality Assurance

Ensuring the highest quality extends beyond the perfumes themselves to the very water used in production. The treated water in our facility is so pure it meets the standards for drinking water. This level of purity underscores our commitment to excellence and ensures that every component of our perfumes is of the highest quality.

Significant Investment

The establishment of the Intelligence Workshop represents a 10 million RMB investment in our future. This substantial financial commitment reflects our dedication to advancing our production capabilities and setting new benchmarks in the perfume industry. By investing in the latest technology and infrastructure, we are poised to lead the market in innovation and quality.

Looking Ahead

The launch of the Intelligence Workshop is a transformative milestone for our company. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on our mission to create exceptional fragrances that delight our customers around the world. The capabilities of this new facility will enable us to explore new scent profiles, enhance our product offerings, and maintain our reputation for excellence.

In conclusion, the Intelligence Workshop is more than just a new production facility; it is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are excited to embark on this new chapter and look forward to the continued growth and success that this state-of-the-art workshop will bring. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and product releases as we continue to push the boundaries of fragrance production.

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